Friday, July 15, 2016

Day 4 - Downtown Akron 330POKEGO event

I went to the 330PokeGo event downtown Akron it was fun and I loved it did it from 6pm until 8pm and walked around for just about the whole time I was there. I went there with my friend Clay.
I caught several Drowzee, a Squirtle, and a few other Pokemon.

*After effect of all the walking: Woke up semi sore but it was fun and great. All that walking was worth it.. Woot !! Exercise..

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 3 - After a 2 day break from Pokemon Go 7/12

Chilled with my friend Clay again because drama was going about at his house. So he had me watch the house while he and his mom was at work. They have two nice dogs Little Bit and Wrinkles.. They are great people and I like being around them. Off and on during the day I went to the pokestop around the corner from his house.

After Clay got off work and changed from his work clothes me and him decided to have a drive around adventure and go to pokestops and some points in Chapel Hill Mall area. Got a few pokemon and the Gym at Chipotle in Chapel Hill Plaza was crazy with Pokemon Go players.. with in 10 mins of being there all three teams had the Gym in their possession.. I am part of Team Valor.

Though today I started a North Hill, Cuyahoga Falls and Tallmadge Pokemon Go Group on Facebook, Click Here.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Day 2 - With my Friend Clay July 9th

I started out the day getting breakfast done with cooked Kielbasa, Hashbrowns and Eggs (how people wanted their eggs) also sauteed some Onions and Peppers for the side.

Texted with my friend Clay and got him into downloading and playing Pokemon Go, then too he originally got me into the pokemon games. So then we decided to go for a walk and see how many pokemon around part of North Hill , Akron, OH.  We caught several pokemon then I ran out of balls then we realized how to use the PokeStops. Great time. Evolved 4 pokemon that day..

Day - 1 Starting Out July 8th

I started out by downloading Pokemon Go while at Friday Night Magic at Underhill`s in Cuyahoga Falls OH.

I used Google Login that way I could get sometime Google play $$$ and use it during playing. I think this game will get me addicted to it pretty fast.

I choose Bulbasaur, mostly because I love his Vine Whip move and I love mother earth and he is an earthen type to me. He is a plant after all. I think he is cute pokemon also... LMAOZS..

My first night I activated one of my Incenses to Lure pokemon.. I caught about 13 pokemon in total. Figured stuff out and decided AR mode was not for me..